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Daily Prayer: Evening

22. The shadows of the evening hours


St. Leonard (Giles):

Henry Hiles, 1867

Adelaide A. Procter, 1862

The shadows of the evening hours

Fall from the darkening sky;

Upon the fragrance of the flowers

The dews of evening lie.

Before thy throne, O Lord of heaven,

We kneel at close of day;

Look on thy children from on high,

And hear us while we pray.

The sorrows of thy servants, Lord,

O do not thou despise,

But let the incense of our prayers

Before thy mercy rise.

The brightness of the coming night

Upon the darkness rolls;

With hopes of future glory chase

The shadows on our souls.

Slowly the rays of daylight fade:

So fade within our heart

The hopes in earthly love and joy,

That one by one depart.

Slowly the bright stars, one by one,

Within the heavens shine:

Give us, O Lord, fresh hopes in heaven,

And trust in things divine.

Let peace, O Lord, thy peace, O God,

Upon our souls descend;

From midnight fears and perils, thou

Our trembling hearts defend.

Give us a respite from our toil;

Calm and subdue our woes;

Through the long day we labour, Lord,

O give us now repose.


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