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Distribution of The 1677/89 BCF Assistant

The 1677/89 BCF Assistant is copyright, however, it is distributed as FREEWARE. This means that you are free to copy it, distribute it and give it to others etc., as much as you like without legal restriction, as long as the product is distributed “as is”, that is, that it is not modified or changed in any way. As far as I know, both the KJV Bible and the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith are not copyrighted materials, therefore, the copyright does not extend to these texts, only to the form and organisation in which they are found in The 1677/89 BCF Assistant. The various sections contributed by contemporary authors are reproduced here only by their express permission and are bound by their own personal copyright and as such do not fall under the above copyright. These sections are the Chapter Oulines, The Doctrinal Distinctives, The Historical and Theological Context and Origins of the Confession.

The 1677/89 BCF Assistant comes with no warranty what so ever. You use it at your own risk. I have tried to make this document as accurate as possible, but errors are sure to have been overlooked. I would appreciate being informed of any errors, omissions etc., you find. I would also appreciate any feedback or input on how The 1677/89 BCF Assistant could be improved and therefore be more generally useful to God’s people.

Please send all correspondence to

Mr M. Smith
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if you have access to the INTERNET e-mail me at

copyright (c) M. T. Smith 1994-1999. All rights reserved.

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