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Chapter 16

Of Good Works

1 I. The norm of good works
  A. Positively stated
  B. Negatively stated
2 II. The importance of good works
  A. Because of their testimony
  B. Because of their results
  C. Because of their role
3 III. The cause of good works
  A. Its emphatic assertion
  B. Its common perversion
4-5 IV. The limitations of good works
4 A. Works of supererogation are impossible
5 B. Works of merit are impossible
6-7 V. The acceptance of good works
6 A. The good works of believers
7 B. The good works of unregenerate men

From: Samuel E. Waldron, A Modern Exposition of the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith, (Evangelical Press, 1989), p. 207. Used by permission.

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