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Sect. 1. The several methods of Gods communicating the knowledge of himself.

Pag. 1.

Sect. 2. The divine Original, Endearments; and Authority of the Holy Scripture.

p. 9.

Sect. 3. The Subject Matter treated of in the holy Scripture is excellent, as is also its end and deign.

p. 63.

Sect. 4. The Custody of the holy Scripture is a privilege and right of the Christian Church, and every member of it, which cannot without impiety to God, and injustice unto it and them, be taken away or impeach’d.

p. 123.

Sect 5. The Scripture has great propriety and fitness towards the attainment of its excellent end.

p. 145.

Sect. 6. the suffrage of the primitive Christian Church, concerning the propriety and fitness which the Scripture has, towards the attainment of its excellent end.

p. 165.

Sect. 7. Historical reflections upon the events which have happen’d in the Church, since the withdrawing of the holy Scripture.

p. 180.

Sect. 8. Necessary Cautions to be us’d in the reading of the Scripture.

p. 193.


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