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Calvin, John (see Genevan Psalter)
Doddridge, Philip [DNB]
English Hymnal, Musical Preface by Ralph Vaughan-Williams
Genevan Psalter, Preface by John Calvin
Hymns and Spiritual Songs (see Watts, Isaac)
Montgomery, James
Montgomery, James [DNB]
The Christian Psalmist, Preface by James Montgomery
Neale, John Mason [DNB]
Newton, John
Newton, John [DNB]
Newton, John [DH]
Olney Hymns [DH]
Olney Hymns (See Newton, John)
Psalms of David Imitated (see Watts, Isaac)
Vaughan-Williams, Ralph (see English Hymnal)
Waring, Anna [DH, et al]
Watts, Isaac
Watts, Isaac [DNB]
Psalms of David Imitated, Preface by Isaac Watts
Hymns and Spiritual Songs, Preface by Isaac Watts
Wesley, Charles [DNB]
Wesley, John [DNB]
Winkworth, Catherine and Susanna
Winkworth, Catherine and Susanna [DNB]
Winkworth, Catherine and Susanna: Biography, Genealogy, Bibliography

Abbreviations for Sources

[DH]: Julian, ed. A Dictionary of Hymnology, New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1892.
[DNB]: Dictionary of National Biography

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