Daniel 11:9

9. So the king of the south shall come into His kingdom, and shall return into his own land.

9. Et veniet in rename rex austri, et redibit in terram suam.


This clause belongs to the former verse; as if he had said, Ptolemy shall return by a peaceful march after this hostile invasion of Syria. For he might have some fears lest his enemy should not be completely prostrated. But as he departed as conqueror, the angel announces his safe arrival in his own land. The words "come" and "return" are used emphatically, implying the absence of all harass, fear, and danger. 1 He returned to his kingdom and his own land, since he could not trust to the quietness of the enemies whom he had laid prostrate. It follows: --

1 The edition of 1617 has modestia incorrectly for molestia. The error is corrected in subsequent editions. The reader of the original must be prepared for many verbal inaccuracies in this edition. -- Ed.