Jeremiah 8:15

15. We looked for peace, but no good came; and for a time of health, and behold trouble!

15. Expectando1 pacem (vel, ad pacem) et non bonum; ad tempus sanationis, et ecce terror (aut, turbatio.)


He explains his meaning more clearly in this verse, -- that the Jews in vain flattered themselves, while they entertained vain hopes. He then says that there was no reason for them to deceive themselves; for were they to promise themselves peace a hundred times, ruin would still be nigh them, and that though they hoped for a time of healing, terror would assail them. We hence see that in the last verse his purpose was to shew how foolish the people were, who thought that they would be safe by means of the remedies which seemed to be at hand, though they despised God's judgment. It follows --

1 The word is hwq, hoping, or longing, rendered by all the ancient versions, as though it were in the first person plural. It may be taken as a noun,-

The hope was for peace, but there was no good! For a time of healing, but behold terror!-- Ed.