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This concludes the Preface of the 1611 Authorized Version
which was from the Translators and set to hand by:

Myles Smith of Brasenose College in Oxford
(who later became the Bishop of Gloucester.)

This version of the 1611 Preface with the spelling somewhat modernized was printed as an appendix in 1935, the 400th anniversary of the first printed English Bible, that by Myles Coverdale, of which the King James Bible is the most illustrious descendant.

The Preface can also be found in the editions since 1821 of the English royal quarto, published by the Oxford University Press, an expensive pulpit Bible. It can also be found in full in A.W. Pollard's RECORDS OF THE ENGLISH BIBLE and as an appendix in J.R. Dore's OLD BIBLES, 2nd edition.

It is a shame that neither the British and Foreign Bible Society or the American Bible Society has never seem willing to include the Preface (or an abbreviated form thereof) in their Bibles for the last one hundred (plus) years.

It is also available from the Oxford and Cambridge presses and the original can be found in the Huntington Library as the Bridgewater collection of the first printing of the 1611.

Typed by Antonio F. Partigianoni, 101 Nelda Dr., Leesville, LA 71446 (318) 239-7613, from a booklet edited by Edgar J. Goodspeed, THE TRANSLATORS TO THE READER, Preface to the King James Version 1611, Univ. of Chicago Press, Chicago, and reprinted by Meredith Publications, 1030 South Santa Anita Ave., Arcadia, CA. ($1 per copy eons ago). This booklet contains an lengthy plea and justification by E.J. Goodspeed for replacing the Preface into all future printings of the KJV, the modernized version from the Coverdale 400th anniversity appendix and photocopy of the original plates of the Huntington Library original 1611 Preface.

I have done my best to faithfully transcribe the Preface and elected to include footnotes and comments in brackets within the text due to constraints of ascii printing. I did not use an indented left margin should someone want to use another word processor to read or reprint it. Both the KJV modernized version of the Preface and Goodspeed's thesis can be downloaded as 1611-KJV.ZIP from the better BBSes.

Hopefully, others will be good enough to send this along to other networks and BBSes. With the help of Eric Gray from Tucson who has a full-page scanner, I will soon be able to upload a copy of the original plates of the 1611 Preface in the Old English. So, be on the lookout for KJVPCX-01.ZIP to KJVPCX-xx where "xx" is the number of files required to upload the PCX formatted files honoring the normal 360k file size restriction.

Ciao and God bless,

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