H. W. Smyth

Greek Grammar Notes

Part 1 341-346





342 D. Hom. has many cases of the local endings, e.g. οὐρανό-θι in heaven, ἀγορῆ-θεν from the assembly; also after prepositions as a genitive case: ἐξ ἁλόθεν out of the sea, Ἰ̄λιό-θι πρό before Ilium. Cp. ἐμέθεν, σέθεν, ἕθεν, 325 D. 1-δε in ἅλα-δε to the sea, πόλιν-δε to the city, πεδίον-δε to the plain, Ἀιδόσ-δε to (the house of) Hades, ὅν-δε δόμον-δε to his house.





346 D. 1. Hom. has (Aeolic) ππ in ὅππως, ὁππότε; Hdt. has κ for the π-forms, e.g. κοῦ, κού, ὅκου, κότε, etc.  Hdt. has ἐνθαῦτα, ἐνθεῦτεν for ἐνταῦθα, ἐντεῦθεν (126 D.).

2. Poetic are πόθι for ποῦ, ὅθι for οὗ, ἦμος when, which way, where, etc.