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Table of Contents

Title Page



Modern Christianity. The Swiss Reformation.


Zwingli's Training

The Reformation In Zurich. 1519-1526

Spread Of The Reformation In Switzerland

The Civil War Between The Roman Catholic and Reformed Cantons

The Period Of Consolidation

The Preparatory Work. From 1526 To 1536

John Calvin And His Work

From France To Switzerland

Calvin's First Sojourn And Labors In Geneva. 1536-1538

Calvin In Germany. From 1538-1541

Calvin's Second Sojourn And Labors At Geneva. 1541-1564

Constitution And Discipline Of The Church Of Geneva

Calvin's Theology

Theological Controversies

Servetus: His Life. Opinions, Trial, And Execution

Calvin Abroad

The Closing Scenes In Calvin's Life

Theodore Beza