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Helgi Hálfdánarson (1826-1894) D


Death is dead, the true Life liveth!

O'er the portals of the grave

Life's great Sun bright-shining giveth

Light our darkened souls to save:

Christ arisen bursts our prison;

See His triumph-banners wave.

Life's own King on Calvary dying

Wins a crown of life for me;

E'en the grave to Him complying

Flowers in life abundant free;

Death's chill sadness changed to gladness—

This the Easter victory!

He who rose from death all-glorious

Soon will gather to His side

Those who sleep in Him, victorious

By the blood His wounds supplied;

Flesh and spirit, through His merit,

Reunited, glorified.

Jesu, death's Destroyer, make me

Day by day to die with Thee;

Thus, with Thee arising, take me

Thine through all the days to be—

Thine for ever, faithless never—

This my prayer unceasingly.

[7]After the Icelandic of Helgi Hálfdánarson.
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