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Kaspar Johannes Boye (1791-1853)

Valdimar Briem (1848-1930)


Full soon will fall the winter rain,

Soon fade the green hill-side;

With all thy glory, fare thee well,

Thou radiant summer-tide.

Full soon will wail the winter wind,

Soon fail the flowers that blow;

Let autumn blight the buds of earth,

The flower of Hope doth grow!

What though the sunlight wane? ne'er wanes

The grace of Christ the Lord;

Amid the gathering gloom shines on

God's everlasting Word.

Though leaf may wither, floweret fade,

Though tiny grass blade pale;

Our hearts can trust a surer truth—

God's love shall never fail.

Though winter chill each struggling herb,

My gladness ne'er can cease;

From Bethlehem calls a voice, "To you

Is born the Prince of Peace."

Upon my fairest trees of hope

Lies cold a robe of snow;

But from the Tree where Jesus died

The Living Waters flow.

Though fade the grass on hill and dale,

Though ice bind stream and fell;

My faith in Him shall never fail,

Who burst the bonds of Hell.

Good hope of everlasting spring

His Church the Saviour gave.

Rejoice! Rejoice! The Life Himself

Is risen from the grave!

[2]The Icelandic of Bishop Valdimar Briem is based on a Danish hymn by Kaspar Johannes Boye.
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