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CAST Thy bright beams upon my heart, O Thou that art the light of mine eyes; give Thyself unto me, O life of my soul, my exceeding delight, my much desired consolation. Thou that art my sweet rest, my glory, my honour and my only desire; may I hold Thee, Thou that art the object of all my wishes; may I draw Thee closely to myself, O heavenly spouse. May I feel Thee within and without, O Thou that art my glory; may I possess Thee, O blessed one, from all eternity; may I enjoy Thee within my heart, O everlasting life.

O that I may love Thee, O Lord my strength; may I love Thee, my God, my refuge, and my deliverer. May I cleave to Thee, O my sweet hope, in every trouble; may I embrace Thee, O Thou everlasting 83good, apart from whom there is nothing good. Open the recessess of my ears, O word sharper than a two-edged sword, that I may hear Thy voice within me, and having heard it that I may live and rejoice in Thee.

Visit the forsaken, console the mourner, O my Jesus, show to the wretched one the bowels of Thy mercy. Grant me Thy grace which may plunge me in Thy love, wholly crucified to this world; blind my eyes, O light unfathomable, blind my eyes with the rays of Thy brightness, that they behold no vanity. Strike them with the sweet lightning of Thy divinity, and grant that with heartfelt tears, I may seek Thee day and night.

Give me sight, O Lord my God, that I may every where behold Thy lovely countenance: give me hearing to listen always to Thy sweetest voice: give me smelling whereby I may perceive the odour of Thy pace: heal my taste that I may relish the abundance of Thy sweetness. Give me a heart to fear Thee, a memory to be ever recollected in Thee, a will to cleave unswervingly unto Thee, that art the chiefest 84good. May my whole spirit be possessed by Thee alone, and rest for ever in Thee.

May the mighty force, I beseech Thee, of Thy love wean my heart from every thing that is under heaven. Grant that I may burn with such a perfect charity, which no torrents of waters could quench within me. Grant that for the greatness of my love for Thee, I may thoroughly forget all transitory things, and that I may never improperly grieve for them, nor foolishly rejoice because of them, but may I be strengthened and rest in Thee alone.

May all vicious affections, O Lord, wither within my heart, may all desires of the flesh die within me, that Thou alone mayest dwell in me, and the burning coals of holy desires be ever kindled in my inmost soul. Wound, O Lord, wound my sinful soul with the sharpest weapon of perfect charity pierce it with the darts of Thy most fervent love, that I may have the happiness to be smitten by Thee, and to breathe forth my soul as it were within Thy arms. Ah! most pleasant depth of inestimable pleasures, ravish and absorb my spirit in Thine. Amen.

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