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THE EPISTLE OF PAUL TO TITUS - Chapter 3 - Verse 2

Verse 2. To speak evil of no man. Gr., "to blaspheme (blasfhmein, compare See Barnes "Mt 9:3") no one." Doddridge renders it, "Calumniate no one." The idea is, that we are not to slander, revile, or defame any one. We are not to say anything to any one, or of any one, which will do him injury. We are never to utter anything which we know to be false about him, or to give such a colouring to his words or conduct as to do him wrong in any way. We should always so speak to him and of him in such a way that he will have no reason to complain that he is an injured man. It may be necessary, when we are called to state what we know of his character, to say things which are not at all in his favour, or things which he has said or done that were wrong; but

(1.) we should never do this for the purpose of doing him injury, or so as to find a pleasure in it; and

(2.) where it is necessary to make the statement, it should be so as to do him no injustice. We should give no improper colouring. We should exaggerate no circumstance. We should never attempt to express ourselves about his motives, or charge on him bad motives—for we know not what his motives were. We should state every palliating circumstance of which we have knowledge, and do entire justice to it. We should not make the bad traits of his character prominent, and pass over all that is good. In a word, we should show that we would rather find him to be a good man than a bad man—even if the result should be that we had been mistaken in our opinions. It is better that we should have been mistaken, than that he should be a bad man.

To be no brawlers. See Barnes "1 Ti 3:3".

The same Greek word occurs in both places. It is not elsewhere found in the New Testament.

But gentle. The word here used is rendered moderation in Php 4:5; patient in 1 Ti 3:3, and elsewhere gentle. See Barnes "1 Ti 3:3".


Showing all meekness unto all men. In the reception of injuries. See Barnes "Mt 5:6; Eph 4:2".


{b} "all meekness" Eph 4:2

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