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THE EPISTLE OF PAUL TO TITUS - Chapter 3 - Verse 1





THIS chapter comprises the following subjects :—

(1.) Titus was to instruct his hearers to be subject to lawful authority, and in general to manifest meekness and gentleness towards all classes of men, Tit 3:1,2.

(2.) A reason is assigned why they should do this, Tit 3:3-8. They who were Christians were once, indeed, like others, disobedient and unholy; they were regardless of law, and gave free indulgence to their evil propensities, but they had been redeemed for a better purpose, and it was the design of God in redeeming them, that they should manifest every kind of virtue.

(3.) Titus was to avoid foolish questions, and contentions, and strifes about the law, Tit 3:9.

(4.) He who was a heretic was to be rejected after suitable admonitions, Tit 3:10,11.

(5.) Paul directs Titus to come to him at Nicopolis, and to bring Zenas and Apollos with him, Tit 3:12-14.

(6.) He closes with the customary salutations, Tit 3:15.

Verse 1. Put them in mind to be subject, etc. See the duty here enjoined, explained See Barnes "Ro 13:1, seq.

Principalities and powers. See these words explained See Barnes "Ro 8:38".

The word here rendered powers, (exousiaiv,) is not, indeed, the same as that which is found there, (dunameiv,) but the same idea is conveyed. Comp. See Barnes "Eph 1:21".


To obey magistrates. That is, to obey them in all that was not contrary to the word of God. See Barnes "Ro 13:1, seq.; See Barnes "Ac 4:19, See Barnes "Ac 4:20".


To be ready to every good work. To be prepared for (etoimouv); prompt to perform all that is good. See Barnes "Php 4:8".

A Christian should be always ready to do good as far as he is able. He should not need to be urged, or coaxed, or persuaded, but should be so ready always to do good that he will count it a privilege to have the opportunity to do it.

{a} "subject" Ro 13:1

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