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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 21 - Verse 27

Verse 27. And when the seven days were almost ended. Gr., As the seven days were about to be fulfilled. emellon sunteleisyai. The seven days which were to complete the observance of the vow, Ac 21:26. Perhaps the whole observance in this case was intended to be but seven days, as the time of such a vow was voluntary. The translation, "were almost ended," is not quite correct. The Greek implies no more than that the period of the seven days was about to be accomplished, without implying it was near the close of them when he was seized. By comparing the following places— Ac 21:18,26; 22:30; 23:12,32; 24:1,11

—it appears that the time of his seizure must have been near the beginning of those days. (Doddridge,)

The Jews which were of Asia. Who resided in Asia Minor, but who had come up to Jerusalem for purposes of worship. See Barnes "Ac 2:1"

and following.

{c} "Jews" Ac 24:18 {d} "laid hands on him" Ac 26:21

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