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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 21 - Verse 28

Verse 28. Men of Israel. Jews. All who are the friends of the law of Moses.

This is the man, etc. This implies that they had before given information to the Jews at Jerusalem that there was such a man; and they now exulted in the fact that they had found him. They, therefore, called on all these to aid in securing and punishing him.

That teacheth, etc. See Barnes "Ac 6:13, See Barnes "Ac 6:14".


Against the people. The people of the Jews. That is, they pretended that he taught that the customs and laws of the Jewish nation were not binding, and endeavoured to prejudice all men against them.

And the law. The law of Moses.

And this place. The temple. Everything against the law would be interpreted also as being against the temple, as most of the commandments of the law were celebrated there. It is possible also that Paul might have declared that the temple was to be destroyed. Comp. Ac 6:13,14.

And further, brought Greeks, etc. The temple was surrounded by various areas called courts. See Barnes "Mt 21:12".

The outermost of these courts was called the court of the Gentiles, and into that it was lawful for the Gentiles to enter. But the word "temple" here refers, doubtless, to the parts of the area appropriated especially to the Israelites, and which it was unlawful for a Gentile to enter. See the area marked G G G G in the plan of the temple, See Barnes "Mt 21:12".


And hath polluted, etc. He defiled the temple by thus introducing a Gentile. No greater defilement, in their view, could scarcely be conceived. No more effective appeal could be made to the passions of the people than this.

{e} "teacheth" Ac 6:13,14; 24:5,6

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