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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 14 - Verse 8

Verse 8. And there sat. There dwelt, Mt 9:1-6; Ac 18:11. (Margin.) The word sat, however, indicates his usual posture; his helpless condition. Such persons commonly sat at the wayside, or in some public place, to ask for alms, Mr 10:46.

Impotent in his feetadunatov. Without any power. Entirely deprived of the use of his feet.

Being a cripple. Lame.

Who never had walked. The miracle, therefore, would be more remarkable, as the man would be well known, and there could be no plea that there was an imposition. As they were persecuted from place to place, and opposed in every manner, it was desirable that a signal miracle should be performed to carry forward and establish the work of the gospel.

{*} "impotent" "infirm" {g} "cripple" Ac 3:2

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