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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 14 - Verse 9

Verse 9. Who stedfastly beholding him. Fixing his eyes intently on him. See Barnes "Ac 1:10".


And perceiving. How he perceived this, is not said. Perhaps it was indicated by the ardour, humility, and strong desire depicted in his countenance. He had heard Paul, and perhaps the apostle had dwelt particularly on the miracles with which the gospel had been attested. The miracles wrought also in Iconium had doubtless also been heard of in Lystra.

Had faith to be healed. Compare Notes, See Barnes "Mt 9:21, See Barnes "Mt 9:22, See Barnes "Mt 9:28, See Barnes "Mt 9:29"; See Barnes "Lu 7:50"; See Barnes "Lu 17:19

See Barnes ""Lu 18:42"


{a} "had faith" Mt 9:28,29 {*} "to be healed" "cured"

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