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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 3 - Verse 12

Verse 12. When Peter saw it. Saw the people assembling in such multitudes, and wondering at the miracle.

He answered. The word answer, With us, implies that a question had been asked, or that some subject had been proposed for consideration. But the word is used in a different sense in the Bible. It is often used when no question was asked; but when an occasion was offered for remarks, or where an opportunity was presented to make a statement. It is the same as replying to a thing, or making a statement in regard to some subject, Da 2:26; Ac 5:8.

Ye men of Israel. Jews. Comp. Ac 2:14.

Why marvel ye at this? The particular thing which he intended to reprove here, was not that they wondered, for that was proper; but that they looked on Peter and John as if they had been the authors of this healing. They ought to have understood it. The Jews were sufficiently acquainted with miracles to interpret them, and to know whence they proceeded; and they ought not, therefore, to ascribe them to man, but to inquire why they had been wrought by God.

Why look ye, etc. Why do ye fix the eyes with amazement on us, as though we could do this? Why not look at once to God?

By our own power. By any art of healing, or by any medicine, we had done this.

Or holiness. Piety. As if God had bestowed this oh us on account of our personal and eminent piety. It may be remarked, that here was ample opportunity for them to establish a reputation of their own. The people were disposed to pay them honours; they might at once have laid claim to vast authority over them; but they refused all such personal honours, and ascribed all to the Lord Jesus. Whatever success may attend the ministers of the gospel, or however much the world may be disposed to do them honour, they should disclaim all power in themselves, and ascribe it to the Lord Jesus Christ. It is not by the talents or personal holiness of ministers, valuable as these are, that men are saved; it is only by the power of God, designed to honour his Son. See 2 Co 3:5,6.

{+} "answered" "said" {++} "marvel" "wonder" {c} "power" 2 Co 3:5 {+++} "holiness" "Godliness"

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