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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 3 - Verse 11

Verse 11. Held Peter and John. The word held means, he adhered to them; he joined himself to them; he was desirous of remaining with them, and participating with them.

All the people, etc. Excited by curiosity, they came together. The fact of the cure, and the conduct of the man, would soon draw together a crowd, and thus furnish a favourable opportunity for preaching to them the gospel.

In the porch, etc. This porch was a covered way or passage on the east side of the temple. It was distinguished for its magnificence. See the plan and description of the temple, See Barnes "Mt 21:12".


{*} "healed" "cured" {b} "porch that is called Solomon's" Joh 10:23; Ac 5:12

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