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Verse 3. And sent forth his servants. These represent the messengers that God has sent to invite men to his kingdom.

To call them that were bidden. That is, to give notice to those who had before been invited, that the feast was ready. It appears that there were two invitations, one considerably previous to the time, that they might have opportunity to prepare for it, and the other to give notice of the precise time when they were expected.

The wedding. The marriage feast. The same word in the original as in Mt 22:2.

They would not come. They might have come if they chose, but they would not. So all the difficulty that sinners ever labour under, in regard to salvation, is in the will. It is a fixed determination not to come and be saved.

{l} "And sent forth his servants" Ps 68:11; Jer 25:4; 35:15; Re 22:17

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