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Verse 2. The kingdom of heaven. See Barnes "Mt 3:2".

The phrase here means, "God deals with man in his kingdom, or in regard to the dispensation of the gospel, as a certain king did," etc. This parable refers undoubtedly to the rejection ofthe Jews, and to the calling of the Gentiles. The gospel, with all its privileges, was offered to the Jewish people; but through their wickedness and pride they rejected it, and all its blessings were offered to the Gentiles, and accepted. This is the general truth. Many circumstances are thrown in to fill out the narrative, which cannot be particularly explained.

A marriage for his son. Rather, a marriage feast, or a feast on the occasion of the marriage of his son. The king here doubtless represents God, providing for the salvation of the world.

{i} "The kingdom" Lu 14:16 {k} "a marriage" Re 19:7,9

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