Westcott and Hort

The Greek New Testament

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Brooke Foss Westcott


Fenton John Anthony Hort


To view the following pages a Unicode compliant font which includes the extended Greek characters (1F001FFF) is required.  Currently this resolves basically to the Arial Unicode MS font which comes with Microsoft Office 2000.  Since Microsoft no longer offers Arial Unicode MS as a free download, you may not have ready access to the font.  There is an altenative.  If you download either Titus Cyberbit or Cardo or Porson, you can set it as the default font for Internet Explorer by going to Tools > Internet Options >Fonts and setting one of these as the default font for your  Web Page Font.  Cardo and Porson are  free to download.  Titus Cyberbit is available for free download if you are intending to use it for your personal, non-comercial use.  Other fonts are in the process of development and should hopefully be available soon.

The text with links is not distinguished by color from text which does not have links.  If, however, you position your cursor over a word which is linked to another page, it will be indicated by the change of the form of the cursor.  This includes the names of the books in the left margin as well as variant readings accepted in the Nestle-Aland edition of the Greek New Testament which will be indicated as time permits.  Tip:  Though there is no link shown to the Table of Contents [Is one really needed?], the editors' names in the left of the title bar is a link to the TOC. 


If you desire to do so, it is possible to link to this text.  The format is:

<a href="www.ccel.org/w/westcott/gnt/bookname/bookname_chapter.htm">

e.g. <a href="ccel.org/w/westcott/gnt/matthew/matthew_5.htm">.

This will link you to the beginning of the chapter.

Another possibility is to link to a specific verse.  The format is

<a href="www.ccel.org/w/westcott/gnt/bookname/bookname_chapter.htm#chapter_verse">

e.g., to link to
Romans 5:12 enter

<a href="www.ccel.org/w/westcott/gnt/romans/romans_5.htm#5_12">Romans 5:12</a>

Also, note that there are no upper-case letters in the code though there is in the part that appears to the reader [Romans 5:12].


The text is also available as a whole book as opposed to chapters.  This has been made available for downloading.  It is not advisable, except for certain small books such as Philemon or Jude, to attempt to browse the entire book online due to the size of the HTML page (It will take forever to load).  Even though Philemon and Jude are one chapter books you will note that one version will have "bookname_1.htm" and the other will not.  There is another difference the links are different for the whole book version from the chapter version.  If you are downloading the pages, be sure to consistently choose one form or the other otherwise the links will not work.

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