C.M. 1 John v. 20.

1 WE know, by faith we surely know,
The Son of God is come;
Is manifested here below,
And makes our hearts his home:
To us he hath, in special love,
An understanding given,
To recognise him from above
The Lord of earth and heaven.

2 The true and faithful Witness, we
Jehovah's Son confess;
And in the face of Jesus see
Jehovah's smiling face;
In him we live, and move, and are,
United to our Head,
And, branches of the Vine, declare
That Christ is God indeed.

3 The self-existing God supreme,
Our Saviour we adore,
Fountain of life eternal, him
We worship evermore;
Out of his plenitude receive
Ineffable delight,
And shall through endless ages live
Triumphant in his sight.