1 FATHER, whose everlasting love
Thy only Son for sinners gave,
Whose grace to all did freely move,
And sent him down the world to save;

2 Help us thy mercy to extol,
Immense, unfathomed, unconfined;
To praise the Lamb who died for all,
The general Saviour of mankind.

3 Thy undistinguishing regard
Was cast on Adam's fallen race;
For all thou hast in Christ prepared
Sufficient, sovereign, saving grace.

4 The world he suffered to redeem;
For all he hath the atonement made;
For those that will not come to him
The ransom of his life was paid.

5 Why then, thou universal Love,
Should any of thy grace despair?
To all, to all, thy bowels move,
But straitened in our own we are.

6 Arise, O God, maintain thy cause!
The fulness of the Gentiles call;
Lift up the standard of thy cross,
And all shall own thou diedst for all.