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For fifteen years, the mission of the CCEL has been to make classic Christian books available and promote their use. We are succeeding in that mission in a dramatic way—each year, data equivalent to about 12 million books is downloaded. And most of the work in getting the books online has been done by volunteers, who have dedicated many thousands of hours to this endeavor.

Now you can correct and proof pages as you read. At the bottom of each book page, logged-in users will see a link labeled Correct an error on this page. You can click that link and actually edit the page—correct typos or make more substantial edits. Changes go into an approval queue. There is also a link labeled I have proofed this page. So now volunteers can proof a page online, make any necessary corrections, and mark the page as proofed. It’s an easy—and, God willing, fruitful—way to help distribute and promote classic Christian literature!

We have also created a Volunteer Discussion Group that provides information and assistance for our proofreaders.