Toolbar Help


Use these buttons to highlight text or add "sticky notes" to the page. Select some text within a book page and then: Note: Annotations are only enabled when you are logged in.


Select a word on the page and click this button to look up its definition on

Scripture Pop-ups

By default, whenever you hover your mouse over a scripture reference, the text of the verse(s) will appear in a small popup balloon. Using this drop-down list, you can select your preferred Bible translation to be used in these pop-ups. You can also prevent scripture popups from appearing altogether by choosing "Disabled" from the list.

Subject Tagging

One of the ways to find books on the CCEL is to search by subject tag. These tags can be added to book pages by users such as yourself. Just type a word or two that describes the page you are reading into the box labelled "Tag this page".
Tags are visible to everyone, so make sure your tag accurately describes the page. You can also reinforce good tags by reusing an existing one.


Click this link to jump to CCEL preferences, which can also be reached by going to My account -> Edit -> CCEL Preferences.


Use these "previous page" and "next page" buttons to navigate books. They are identical to the "« Prev" and "Next »" links found at the top and bottom of each page.


Shows this help window.

Hide Toolbar

Click this button to hide the toolbar. It will slide out of view and remain in the lower-left corner where it can be restored by clicking this button again.