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Albion23S.M.Come, ye that love the LordBoyd
America27S.M.My soul, repeat his praiseWetmore
Aylesbury281S.M.And am I born to die?Chetham
Evening Shade46S.M.The day is past and gone
Florida120S.M.Let sinners take their courseWetmore
Gospel Tidings273S.M.How beauteous are their feet
Hope272S.M.My God, my life, my love
Idumea31S.M.And am I born to die?Davison
Intercession324bS.M.The Lord is ris'n indeedT. C. Moffett
Kambia154S.M.Lord, what a feeble piece
Lisbon154bS.M.Welcome, sweet day of restRead
Luther159S.M.My soul, be on thy guardHastings
Morning Worship285bS.M.How sweet the melting lay
Mount Zion175S.M.The hill of Zion yieldsBrown
Natchez285bS.M.How sweet the melting lay
New Year333S.M.Eternity draws nighP. M. Atchley and Wm. Walker
Newburgh296S.M.Let every creature joinManson
Ninety-Third Psalm7S.M.Grace! 'tis a charming soundChapin
Shepherd267bS.M.Let party names no more the Christian world o'erspread
Shirland286S.M.My God, my life, my love
Silver Street280S.M.Come, sound his name abroadJ. Street
Stonington279S.M.Ye trembling captives hear
Watchman284S.M.Shall wisdom cry aloud
Webster10S.M.Come, we that love the Lord
Weeping Saviour7bS.M.Did Christ o'er sinner's weep?
Worcester157S.M.How beauteous are their feet