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Ballstown162L.M.Great God, attend while Zion sings
Christian Prospect323L.M.We have our trials here belowWm. Walker
Contented Soldier314L.M.I've listed in the holy warWm. Walker
Devotion13bL.M.Sweet is the day of sacred rest
Distress22bL.M.So fades the lovely, blooming flow'r
Duke Street291L.M.Tis by the faith of joys to comeHutton
Exhilaration54L.M.Oh! may I worthy prove to seeDr. T. W. Carter
French Broad265L.M.High o'er the hills the mountains riseWm. Walker
Glasgow295L.M.This Life's a dream, an empty showDare
Hebron288L.M.Thus far the Lord has led me on
Hopewell326L.M.Jesus, my all, to heav'n is goneL. J. Jones
Huntington169L.M.Lord, what a thoughtless wretch was I
Immensity319L.M.There is a world we have not seenCaldwell
In That Morning194L.M.Jesus, my all, to heav'n is goneWm. Walker
Jerusalem11L.M.Jesus my all to heav'n is goneWm. Walker
Kedron3bL.M.Thou Man of grief, remember me
Lindan168bL.M.Lord, when my thoughts delighted rove
Marysville6L.M.Jesus, my all, to heav'n is gone
Meditation4L.M.Today, if you will hear his voice
Mission96L.M.Young people all, attention giveA. Grambling
Oh Turn, Sinner263L.M.Today if you will hear his voice
Old Hundred22L.M.O come, loud anthems let us sing
Parting Hand113L.M.My Christian friends, in bonds of loveWm. Walker
Portugal287L.M.How pleasant, how divinely fair
Prospect92bL.M.Why should we start, or fear to die?Graham
Redemption108L.M.Hark! hark! glad tiding charm our earsA. Benham, sr.
Rockbridge288L.M.Life is the time to serve the LordChapin
Rockingham [1]168L.M.Thy praise, O Lord, shall tune the lyreLowell Mason
Salem [2]53bL.M.He dies, the Friend of sinners dies
Schenectady178L.M.From all that dwell below the skiesShumway
Sherburne280bL.M.To God our voices let us raise
Social Band112L.M.Say now, ye lovely social band
Supplication5L.M.O thou who hear'st when sinners cry
Sweet Heaven312bL.M.Jesus, my all, to heav'n is gone
Sweet Solitude155L.M.Hail, solitude! thou gentle queen
The Good Old Way156L.M.Lift up your heads, Immanuel's friendsWm. Walker
The Narrow Way289L.M.Come ye who know the Lord indeedRev. Andrew Grambling
The Pilgrim's Song106L.M.I am a stranger here below
The Sailor's Home182L.M.When for eternal worlds we steerWm. M. Caudill and Wm. Walker
The Turtle Dove43L.M.Hark! don't you hear the turtle dove
The Watchman's Call65L.M.The watchmen blow the trumpet roundWm. Walker
The Young Convert308L.M.When converts first begin to singS. Hill
Upton153L.M.Bless, O my soul, the living God
Uxbridge173L.M.Sweet is the work, my God, my King
Vernon34L.M.Come, O thou traveller unknownChapin
Washington67L.M.Dismiss us with thy blessing, LordMunday
Wells278L.M.Ye nations of the earth, rejoiceHoldroyd
Welton153bL.M.Thou great instructor, lest I strayMalan
Whitestown135L.M.Where nothing dwelt but beasts of preyWard
Windham48L.M.Broad is the road that leads to deathRead
Travelling Pilgrim313L.M. 2 linesFarewell! vain world, I'm going home
Nashville [2]271bL.M. 6 linesI love the volume of thy word