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Davis1511, 8O Thou in whose presence my soul takes delight
O Come, Come Away144O come, come away! the Sabbath morn is passingW. Houser
Old Hundred22L.M.O come, loud anthems let us sing
Cheerful9111sO how I have long'd for th coming of God
Sweet Harmony5910sO tell me no more of this world's vain storeWm. Walker
Dove of Peace89C.M.O tell me where the Dove has flownWm. Houser
Supplication5L.M.O thou who hear'st when sinners cry
Mutual Love537, 6O when shall I see JesusWm. Walker
Faithful Soldier1227, 6O when shall I see JesusWm. Walker
Missionary Song1978, 7, 4O'er the gloomy hills of darknessS. B. Pond
True Happiness1276, 6, 9, 6, 6, 9O, how happy are theyWm. Walker
Repentance161C.M.O, if my soul was form'd for wo
Columbus55C.M.O, once I had a glorious view
Bound for Canaan1937, 6Oh when shall I see JesusE. J. King
The Morning Trumpet1957, 6Oh when shall I see JesusB. F. White
Milledgeville300C.M.Oh! for a closer walk with GodRev. A. Grambling
Exhilaration54L.M.Oh! may I worthy prove to seeDr. T. W. Carter
The Penitent's Prayer290C.M.Oh! thou, whose tender mercy hears
Avon290C.M.Oh! thou, whose tender mercy hears
Jordan's Shore318C.M.On Jordan's stormy banks I standJ. T. White
The Promised Land51C.M.On Jordan's stormy banks I standMiss M. Durham
Sweet Prospect137C.M.On Jordan's stormy banks I standWm. Walker
The Heavenly March253C.M.On Jordan's stormy banks I standWm. Walker
Zion278b8, 7, 4On the mountain's top appearingThos. Hastings
Consolation17bC.M.Once more, my soul, the rising dayDean
The Saints Bound for Heaven25812, 9Our bondage it shall end, by and byJ. King and W. Walker
Separation30C.M.Our cheerful voices let us raise