H. W. Smyth

Greek Grammar Notes

Part 2 241-





243 D. Hdt. has ὀδών tooth ὀδόντ-ος. Attic ὀδούς has the inflection of a participle in -ους (307).





247 D. The acc. in α (χάριτα, ἔριδα, ὄρνῑθα) occurs in Hom., Hdt., and in Attic poetry. So κόρυθα and κόρυν (κόρυς helmet) in Hom.





249 D. Hom. has ἄνα oh king as well as ἄναξ (ἀνακτ-); Αἶαν from Αἰαντ-. Πουλυδάμᾱ, Λᾱοδάμᾱ (from stems in αντ) are later forms due to analogy.