LODENSTEIN, lo'den-stain, JODOCUS VAN: Reformed preacher and ascetic; b. at Delft Feb. 6, 1620; d. at Utrecht Aug. 6, 1677. He studied theology at Utrecht under Voetius, Schotanus and De Maets, and in 1642 went to Franeker in order to devote himself to the study of Oriental languages under the direction of Coccejus. In 1644 he became preacher at Zoetermeer near Delft, in 1650 at Sluis in Flanders, and in 1653 at Utrecht, where he labored until his death. He was the originator of a reformation of life and morals in the Netherlands, and was thus for the Dutch and German Reformed Church what Spener soon after became in the German Evangelical-Lutheran Church, and by the same analogy he was followed by a party of " Lodensteinians," who kept aloof from the external life of the Church without formally separating themselves, unlike the adherents of Labadie, who were outspoken dissenters. He was a reformer of practical life, not of doctrine. The Netherlands were at that time exceedingly prosperous, and the popular mind seemed to be entirely absorbed by secular pursuits. Lodenstein, however, made a wide-spread impression by his preaching, by his writings, and by his spiritual songs. Of his sermons many were published and often reprinted in various collections, such as Geestelyke Opwekker (Amsterdam, 1701); Vervalle Christendom (Utrecht, 1711); Heerlijkheid van een waar Christelijk leven (Amsterdam, 1711); Boetpredikatien over Jerem. xlv (Utrecht, 1779). Of his important ascetic works must be mentioned especially Weegschale der onvolmaacktheden (Utrecht, 1664) and Beschouwinge van Zion (ib. 1674-76). A collection of his spiritual songs is in Uytspanningen en andere Gedigten (ib. 1676).


BIBLIOGRAPHY: P. I. Proost, Jodocus van Lodenstein, Amsterdam, 1880; M. Goebel, Geschichte des christlichen Lebens in der rheinisch-westfalischen evangelischen Kirche, ii. 160-180, Coblentz, 1852; H. L. J. Heppe, Geschichte des Pietismus und der Mystik in der reformirten Kirshe, Leyden, 1879; A. Ritschl, Geschichte des Pietismus, i. 152 sqq., Bonn, 1880.



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