KINGO, THOMAS HANSEN: Danish bishop and hymn-writer; b, at Slangerup (15 m. n.n.w. of Copenhagen) 1634; d. at Odense, island of Fünen, Oct. 14, 1703. He studied at the University of Copenhagen, being graduated in 1654, and for some time acted as tutor in private families. In 1661 he was appointed vicar to the pastor at Kirke Helsinge (50 m. s.w. of Copenhagen), and in 1668 he was ordained minister at his native town, where his poetic activity began. At first he essayed patriotic poems, but later devoted himself almost entirely to the writing of hymns, and in 1674 the first part of his Aandelige Sjunge Chor ("Spiritual Song Choir") appeared; followed in 1681 by part ii. This work consists of a collection of beautiful hymns several of which are still popular in the Danish Church. In 1677 Kingo was appointed bishop of Zealand. Charged by the government with the compilation of a new hymn-book, he edited (1699) the so-called Kingo's Psalmebog which contains


eighty-five of his own compositions, and which is still used is various parts of Denmark and Norway. Kingo was especially renowned for his beautiful Easter hymns, in one of which he symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus by the "golden sun which breaks through the dark clouds." He was influential also in causing light and tuneful melodies to be adapted to the requirements of the Church.


BIBLIOGRAPHY: There is a biography by R. Peterson, Copenhagen, 1887.


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