CARRASCO, car-ras'co, ANTONIO: Spanish Protestant; b. in Malaga. Jan. 19, 1843; lost with the steamer "Ville du Havre" Nov. 22, 1873, while returning home from the Sixth General Conference of the Evangelical Alliance held in New York Oct., 1873. He was converted at sixteen and joined a band of Bible-readers in Malaga connected with Manuel Matamoros; was imprisoned for two years (1860-62), and then condemned to the galleys for a term of nine years, but at the solicitation of the Evangelical Alliance, supported by representations of the Prussian government, the sentence was changed to banishment (1863). He studied theology in Geneva; on the downfall of Queen Isabella in 1868 he returned to Spain and undertook the work of evangelization; at the time of his death he was pastor of the Free Church in Madrid, with a membership of 700, and president of the Protestant Synod of Spain.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: A brief sketch of his life may be found in the History, etc., of the Sixth General Conference of the Evangelical Alliance, p. 764, New York, 1874.

CARROLL, HENRY KING: Methodist Episcopalian; b. at Dennisville, N. J., Nov. 15, 1848. He was self-taught, and early entered journalism, being successively editor of the Havre Republican, Havre, Md. (1868-69), and assistant editor of The Methodist, New York (1869-70), and of the


Hearth and Home, New York (1870-71). From 1876 to 1898 he was religious and political editor of The Independent, New York, but resigned in the latter year to accept the appointment of special commissioner of President McKinley to Porto Rico. In 1881 he was a delegate to the Ecumenical Methodist Conference in London, and in 1884 was organizing secretary of the Methodist Centennial Conference, of which he edited the proceedings (New York, 1885), while in 1890 he was special commissioner of the United States census for religious denominations. In 1900 he was elected corresponding secretary of the Methodist Missionary Society, and was reelected four years later. He is a member of the Methodist Historical Society, a manager of the Methodist Sunday School Union and of the American Sabbath Observance Society, and a trustee of the United Society of Christian Endeavor. In theology he is in thorough accord with the doctrinal position of the Methodist Episcopal Church. In addition to a number of minor contributions, he has written: Religious Forces of the United States (New York, 1893, 2d and enlarged ed., 1895).


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