BROWNE, GEORGE: First Protestant archbishop of Dublin; d. 1556. He is first heard of in 1534, when, as provincial of the order of Austin Friars, he was employed to administer the oath of


succession to the friars of London and the south of England; he was nominated to the see of Dublin, vacant by the murder of Archbishop Allen, was consecrated the same year, and arrived in Ireland in 1536. He worked diligently to introduce the Reformation in Ireland and to further the cause of the king; he was deposed under Mary. His opponents have described him as avaricious, profligate, and unlearned.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: A sketch and useful references to sources are in DNB, vii. 43-45.

BROWNE, GEORGE FORREST: Bishop of Bristol; b. at York Dec. 4, 1833. He was educated at St. Catherine's College, Cambridge (B.A., 1856), where he was fellow and lecturer in 1863-1865. He was ordained to the priesthood in 1859, and after being chaplain of St. Catherine's College and theological tutor at Trinity College, Glenalmond, Scotland, was rector of Ashley, Hants, from 1869 to 1875. He was a member of the Council of the Senate of Cambridge University in 1874-1878 and again in 1880-92, and was Disney professor of archeology in the same university from 1887 to 1892. He was treasurer of St. Paul's in 1891-99 and canon in 1892-97, and in 1895 was consecrated bishop suffragan of Stepney, being translated to the see of Bristol two years later. He was also Bell lecturer in the Scottish Episcopal Church in 1862 and secretary to the Cambridge Local Examinations seven years later, and is president of the Alpine Club. He has written: Ice Caves of France and Switzerland (London, 1865); The Venerable Bede (1879); University Sermons; The Ilam Crosses (1889); Lessons from Early English Church History (1893); The Church at Home before Augustine (1894); Augustine and his Companions (1895); Off the Mill (1895); Conversion of the Heptarchy (1896); Theodore and Wilfrith (1897); History of St. Catherine's College (1902); and Life and Works of St. Aldhelm (1903).

BROWNE, JOHN: English Congregationalist; b. at North Walsham (15 m. n. of Norwich), Norfolk, Feb. 6, 1823; d. at Wrentham (33 m. n.e. of Ipswich), Suffolk, Apr. 4, 1886. He studied at Coward College and University College, London 1839-44 (B.A., London University, 1843); was minister at Lowestoft, Suffolk, 1844; at Wrentham, 1848 till his death. His chief publication was the History of Congregationalism and Memorials of the Churches in Norfolk and Suffolk (London, 1877), which is of great importance for the beginnings of English Congregationalism.


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