BENNET, JAMES: Congregationalist; b. in London May 22, 1774; d. there Dec. 4, 1862. He studied for the ministry at Gosport under the Rev. David Bogue; was ordained at Romsey, Hamshire, 1797, and was minister there till 1813, when he became theological tutor of the Rotherham Independent College, and minister of the church there; pastor of the church in Silver Street (afterward removed to Falcon Square), London, 1828-60. He was an associate of the Haldanes in some of their tours, was a secretary of the London Missionary


Society, was chairman of the Congregational Union 1840, and attracted much attention by his defense of Christianity against the unbelief of his time. His publications include The History of Dissenters from the Revolution to 1808, in collaboration with Dr. Bogue (4 vols., London, 1808-12; 2d ed., 2 vols., 1833), continued in The History of Dissenters during the Last Thirty Years (1839); The Star of the West, being memoirs of R. Darracott (1813); Lectures on the History of Jesus Christ (3 vols., 1825; 2d ed., 2 vols., 1828), supplemented by Lectures on the Preaching of Christ (1836); Memoirs of the Life of David Bogue (1827); An Antidote to Infidelity, lectures delivered in 1831, and A Second Antidote to Infidelity (1831); Justification as Revealed in Scripture in Opposition to the Council of Trent and Mr. Newman's Lectures (1840); The Theology of the Early Christian Church Exhibited in Quotations from the Writers of the First Three Centuries, Congregational lecture, 1841; Lectures on the Acts of the Apostles (1846).

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Memorials of the Late James Bennett, D.D., including Sermons Preached on the Occasion of his Death, London, 1883; DNB, iv, 242-243.

BENNETT, WILLIAM HENRY: English Congregationalist; b. at London May 22,1855. He was educated at Lancashire Independent College (1873-82) and Owens College, Manchester, London University (B.A., 1875), and St. John's College, Cambridge (B.A., 1882), and was professor in Rotherham College from 1884 to 1888 and lecturer in Hebrew in Firth College, Sheffield, in 1887-88. He has been professor of Old Testament exegesis in Hackney College, London, since 1888 and in New College, London, since 1891. He was also first secretary to the Board of Theology in the University of London in 1901-03, and has been examiner in the Old Testament to the University of Wales since 1904, as well as a recognized teacher in the same institution since 1901. He has edited Chronicles and Jeremiah in The Expositor's Bible (London, 1894-95); Joshua in The Sacred Books of the Old Testament (1895) and in The Polychrome Bible (New York, 1899); General Epistles and Genesis in The Century Bible (London, 1901, 1903); and Joshua in The Temple Bible (1904). He has also written Theology of the Old Testament (London, 1896); Primer of the Bible (1897); and Biblical Introduction (1899; in collaboration with W. F. Adeney).


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