ABBOTT, EDWIN ABBOTT: Church of England, author and educator, b. in London Dec. 20, 1838. He studied at St. John's College, Cambridge (B.A., 1861), where he was elected fellow in 1862. He was assistant master at King Edward's School, Birmingham, in 1862-64, and at Clifton College in the following year, while from 1865 to 1889 he was headmaster at City of London School. He was Hulsean lecturer at Cambridge in 1876 and select preacher at Oxford in the succeeding year. His works include Bible Lessons (London, 1872); Cambridge Sermons (1875); Through Nature to Christ (1877); Oxford Sermons (1879); the article Gospels in the 9th ed. of the Encyclopadia Britannica; The Common Tradition of the Synoptic Gospels (1884; in collaboration with W. G. Rushbrooke); The Good Voices, or A Child's Guide to the Bible, and Parables for Children (1875); Bacon and Essex (1877); Philochristus (1878); Onesimus (1882); Flatland, or A Romance of Many Dimensions (1884); Francis Bacon, an Account of his Life and Works (1885); The Kernel and the Husk (1886); The Anglican Career of Cardinal Newman (1892); The Spirit on the Waters (1897); St. Thomas of Canterbury (Edinburgh, 1898); Corrections of Mark Adopted by Matthew and Luke (1901) ; From Letter to Spirit (1903) ; Paradosis (1904) ; Johannine Vocabulary, A Comparison of the Words of the Fourth Gospel with Those of the Three (1905); and Silanus the Christian (1906).

ABBOTT, JACOB: American Congregationalist; b. at Hallowell, Me., Nov. 14, 1803; d. at Farmington, Me., Oct. 31, 1879. He was graduated at Bowdoin, 1820; studied theology at Andover, 1822-24; was tutor and professor of mathematics and natural philosophy at Amherst, 1824-29; principal of the Mount Vernon School for Girls, Boston, 1829-33; ordained evangelist and pastor


of the Eliot Congregational Church, Roxbury, Mass., 1834. In 1839 he removed to Farmington, Me., and spent the remainder of his life there and in New York devoted to literary work and teaching. He wrote many story-books which had a wide circulation, such as the Young Christian series (4 vols.; new edition of the Young Christian, with life, New York, 1882), the Rollo Books (14 vols.) and Rollo's Tour in Europe (10 vols.), the Franconia Stories (10 vols.), Science for the Young (4 vols.).

ABBOTT, JUSTIN EDWARDS: Presbyterian; b. at Portsmouth, N. H., Dec. 25, 1853. He was educated at Dartmouth College (A.B., 1876) and Union Theological Seminary, from which he was graduated in 1879. He was ordained to the Congregational ministry in the following year, and after acting as stated supply at the Presbyterian church at Norwood, N. J., in 1881-82, went to India under the auspices of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions. Since that time he has been stationed at Bombay in the Maratha Mission, and has contributed a number of monographs to scientific periodicals on the epigraphy and numismatics of India, in addition to preparing religious works in Marathi for the use of Hindu converts.