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Word Pictures in the New Testament

================ Corrections to the printed edition ===================
Mt 8:7 refers to 'etherapeuonto' in Ac 28:10. It is actually
Ac 28:9. (changed)
Mt 13:21 appears twice on the printed page. Removed second
reference to v.21 and let it fall as a new paragraph under
the existing v.21.
Mt 17:2 a reference to 'morphe' in '16:12'. This reference seems to be
either 1Co (as cited in the sentence), or to the current book (Mt).
It is actually Mr 16:12. (changed)
Mt 18:18 a ref to Mt 16:19 mentions 'finding and loosing'. Changed
to 'binding and loosing'.
Mt 27:43 a ref to 'Ps 21 (22):9'. I changed this to 'Ps 21; 22:8'
(the vs 9 *must* be a typo, and I am unsure how ch. 21 fits into this)
Mr 5:17 ref to "Mt 13:3-4-58", with respect to Jesus be run out.
Based on parralel ref of Mr 6:1-6, and the same Mt ref given
at Mr 6:1-6 -- I have determined this ref is a typo and
should be "Mt 13:54-58". The ref at Mr 6:1 gives Mt 13:54.
verses, as printed, 3-4-58 make no sense. 34-58 makes little
sense. 54-58 matches other parallel references. (changed)
Mr 8:17-20 uses 1 note for 4 verses. I added a one line 'go to' for each
individual verse -- pointing to v.17 with the note.
Mr 10:39-45 also uses 1 note for 7 verses. I added a 'go to' for each
individual verse -- pointing to v.39 with the note.
Lu 20:1 compared 19 verses in Lu to "Mr 27-12:12". This obviously
was meant to be "Mr 11:27-12:12".
Lu 20:45 gives comparisons as "Matt. 6:12; Luke 11:12, 15-18".
These verses do not compare. The closest thing is Mt 16:12;
Lu 11:37-54; 12:1. This is a major typo. (changed).
Joh 6:34 refers to Rabbi in "26". This is actually "25". Changed.
Joh 8:33 refers to '(3:7; Rom. 9:6f.)' unsure if the 3:7 refers to
the preceeding reference to Matt. It could also apply to Joh 3:7,
but 3:6f. would make more sense. I made it 'Mt 3:7' to apply to
the previous Matt. reference.
Joh 8:34 refers to Joh 3:30. This should be 3:21. Changed.
Ac 13:42 gives reference to "Ac 2:11 (10)" for _proselutoi_.
this word is in 10, not 11. unsure what 11 has to do with it,
and changed the reference to "Ac 2:10".
Ac 20:30 gives reference for word 'pervert' in 'ac 13:8 10.' This is
Ac 13:8,10. (changed)
1Co 7:17 Changed the word "believer" to "unbeliver" Based on the context
of the note, and the preceeding note -- this must have been a typo.
We are to remain where we are called, unless the unbeliever wants
1Co 7:21 There seems to be a misplaced ')'. I think it should appear
after 'chresai' to make the question outside the parenthesis. (changed)
Heb 11:38 has {Wondering}. This must be a typo. Changed
to {Wandering}.
1Th 1:4 refers to 'Jude 1'. Usually with one chapter books, verses are
referred to this way (without chapter). But Jude 1:1 does not
seem to correlate to this note. Jude 1:3 does. Changed.
Ro 12:4 contains ref to "Tim. 8:13". regarding word "office", this
word is in "Ro 8:13". changed.
1Ti 1:2 refers to '2Co 8:9; Tit 1:3; 2'. Something is really wrong here.
2Co 8:8 is correct, Tit 1:4 is correct, and '2' may refer to this verse.
Fixed, and removed '2' as being extraneous. I have never seen this form
of self-reference, and with the two other errors, it is suspect.
Col 2:7 refers to 'rooted' in 'Eph 3:17 (18)'. Verse 18 has nothing to
do with it and may be Robertson's own belief in an alternate verse break.
Removed '(18)'.
1Pe 1:22 gives ref to '1:2, 2:14'. I would expect to see a ';' seperating
the refs to different chapters. 2:14 does not fit into anything here,
but 1:14 does, as does 1:2. I would expect to find a ',' seperating
refs to different verses. changed to 1:2,14.
1:Pe 2:3 gives ref to 'Ps. 33(34):9'. Must be a LXX ref, changed
to 34:8.
2Pe 1:13 gives ref to 2Ti 15. This is 2Ti 1:5. changed.
1Jo 1:6 says '... fellowship with God involves walking in the
light with God *and in the darkness*.' This must be 'not in the
darkenss'. (changed).
3Jo 1:15 This is a note attributed to verse 15. The KJV verse numbering
stops at verse 14, and what Robertson shows as 15 is part of 14.
Removed the verse number and let the note fall under verse 14.

====== Unresolved questions of integrity (unchanged) =============

Joh 10:29 has 'meizon' with no accented 'o', unlike 2 others in the
same note.
1Pe 1:1 makes ref to LXX "23:4; 38 or 39 12". unsure how to handle
"38 or 39 12".
1Pe 2:4 gives ref to Isa 28:6 for elect and proved. This verse does
not seem to relate. later, 1pe 2:6 gives a correct ref to isa 28:16.
Re 2:13 refers to as v. 2:13; 6:11; 5:9, 13; 13:10, 15;
18, 20; 19:21. Much of this does not relate to the word.

====== October 10, 1993

Mt 1:22 has a cxref to Mt 2:15,35, with 35 being invlaid. It should be
verse 23. Changed to Mt 2:15,23.
Mt 1:22 has a cxref to Joh 28:36. This should be verses 28 and 36
for the preceeding cxref to Joh 19:24. Changed to Joh

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Word Pictures in the New Testament