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Abandonment to Divine Providence

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To all the brothers and sisters of this wonderful ethereal zone,

It is my pleasure to share with you today the wonders and joys of "boy meets world". Our journey thus far through all the wonderful books of the bible (highly applicable everytime!), the mystical texts and more, we can honestly say that we have saved many souls/lives, mine included! It has been such an honour to have come this far with all of you.

This past week I survived a life threatening heart/lung/eye bio-intrusion and would have not survived if I did not follow the lord and his visitation to the tee. Luckily, as we are never to display fear in the face of the enemy, nor become anxious, but turn to the lord and pray and present supplication, I was once again delivered.

Now having left New York behind in its toxic existence (for any of you considering visiting New York, I strongly advise against it)I have acquired a clean bill of health both physically, mentally and spiritually (much like Dante battling his way through the canto's of hell) and have secured the future of this person who is liken to the Ass of Christ that all Franciscan's ultimately are!

Furthermore, on the journey that we are all on together, the generation that I belong to can now make our way to "Bless the Lord' before we are ready to bless the people.

Having taken on the lesser virtues of Chastity, Poverty, and Obedience, legions of the enemy came after me and those that I were close to and love, as well as others that loved and cared for me, whether by chance or by choice.

Once I was moved into the Superior Virtues in the midst of hell itself ( I had dredged myself down into Tartarus itself to save the lost soul of my father and cleanse the self of the sins of the father visited upon the son) All sorts of enemy prophets and disciplines came out of the woodwork, and even the ground itself, to prevent one from raising from the depths.

With the Greater Cardinal Virtues and Greater Theological Virtues now in place, both imprinted on the soul, and visibly upon my habit, I shall make my way, on behalf of my generations (generation x and y designations) to the firmament itself in preparation for our ascension as each generation does.

I have been blessed to meet msytics and other men and women of God along the way of all generations, and even many of you here would be counted among these, along the path.

So as we leave the ordinary behind, and abandon everything to Divine Providence and as in 2 Col:18-19, neither I nor should you allow any others to continue to Defraud us of our legitimate claim to all that has been promised us. Also in that while we abandon all things, albeit it family, friends, children, loved ones, property, businesses and so much else, remember to keep the traditions that have been given to us by the Fathers.

So much has been lost in translation, as well as over time and through schisms/reformations, you cna see why there are so many "False Prophets" in this time in our lives. Luckily, we have the 24 Banners and the 4 Beasts to keep us on track as we navigate through this wonderous creation that is called earth (though it is trampled upon) unlike how Francis and so many others have taught us to tread lightly upon the earth.

I am probably rambling at this point but there is much I have to share, the next being once again another miracle happening in current time. As it is, I have taken up much of the tools of the spirit, one of interest here and now is the Scapular. It has protected me in the sight of many hostile situations, with the most recent being radiation.

Surrounded by many faithful of all faiths and having legion of true catholics around me at the time of trials, the scapular was found after the radiation, nearly decimated and glued to my body in two places: Right above my Heart and right Behind it. The leather literally deteriorated into several layers and truly protected my heart as well as my soul ( I was able to fully recover within days after all the treatment, and survived attacks of all sorts while hospitalized that I would otherwise not have been able to face without a fully intact soul) - reminded me and was also likely another intercession of St. Anthony of the Desert as well!

Now I am sucking up some Sun and restoring my energy and spiritual depletion and moving forward once again. The Lord has shown me and exact place to meet with him so that I may Bless him, and then so that I may begin to bless the people in full fortitude. From there his faithful servants have provided several places of interest all across the country and world that need me or I need them. It truly is a blessing and I feel like I am just the passenger in the back seat of a car at this point, with very little voice, while locked in awe (like when you see your first skyscraper!)

Just a tidbit of topics to come:

HE that is requires me to return to completely natural travel, causing no harm to the environment, so the path to acquiring a faithful mount has hopefully appeared and will not be prevented.

As we pass through the eye of the needle, the road so narrowly travelled and overcome is related to the reaping and sowing, and given my attainment of the ripe age of 30, the seeds that have been sown through me and now ready and ripen to be reaped, as such there are soooo many awaiting me, just as they are each of you to support us and the world through our journey.

Continuing, the Lord has even taken his time to identif those who have incurred his wrath and hopefully I can help and pray against those who destroy life and such at specific diver's places.

From here, He provides me the path and the people to cater me not just across this continent, but to a point across to the old continent, whereas I can continue to receive and also renew the faith, and hopefully make contact with the "Old Believers" so much of our origins can be found in iconography and I cannot wait to share this knowledge with everyone.

From here, the path to the holy father will be made and I pray daily that he survive long enough for me to make it to him and do that which the lord has appointed him to do.

Lastly spending time in places liek the Isle of Maan, The river Wye and even the Mount Sinai location as well as places such as the Church in Philadelphia and others like the Temple Mount are all in my heart and prayer daily drives me towards the appointed places of songs and joy.

There is so much I wish to write but being in the world makes it take some time, so I will leave you all with this for now and hopefully I can update. I will be heading to Texas and Arizona at some point so hopefully anyone there will get a chance to share in the spirit!

Until then,

Pax & Caritas,

Br. Robert Ross

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