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Proposed Romans Study

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We are considering doing a study on the book of Romans based on the Greek text. An exegetical study of this nature is somewhat academic requiring knowledge of New Testament Greek as well as skill in language. For those who only have a rudimentary knowledge of Koine Greek, this study would be an opportunity to become more familiar with the original Biblical language. For everyone, it would be a great in-depth look at one of the most significant books of the Bible in importance to the Christian Faith.

Please advise and respond with your feedback about whether you would be interested in such a study and what level of Greek understanding you can command.

I would really love to do this and it promises to be a wonderful learning experience for all. The more response we get to this trial balloon, the more likely Ken Verhulst will authorize it. So be sure and post your degree of interest. If all goes well, we will begin around June.

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