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Well, thank you who submitted your thoughts on Mark 1:12-13, Jesus tempted by Satan. God really opened my eyes to the temptations and how we are tempted everyday by our adversay Satan every day. There were some questions about this temptation, and I trust after reading the studies, it will answer those questions. If not, please post your question(s) and we will discussed them as a group.

I took alot of time approaching these verses. I did alot of praying and seeking God about these temptations and how they affect our life, and how we are to handle our struggles with the temptations that satan throws our way. As we look over the entire body of Christ, we see fallen leaders who were not able to confront the onslaught of temptations from satan. The Bible clearly states that we all are tempted,however, there are ways of escape. As you study with me "Satan Temps Jesus", you will do so prayerfully. Below you will find the study. This part of the study is lenghty;however, I hope you will enjoy it. Please pray before starting, asking God to open your heart and your eyes to revelation and truth. And to show each of us how to overcome the temptations of our enemy. One more thing, help me pray for this "Mark" group. And for me. That God will keep us as we approach His Word of Truth.

Let's get started. This is part of the study, I will post more tonight and on Monday. Please let me know your thoughts.

Heavenly Father, we thank you for your Word. Open our heart of understanding and eyes of revelation. Holy Spirit you are the teacher,teach us how to overcome this temptation battle. In Jesus Name. Amen

Satan tempts Jesus
Mark 1:12, 13

The Temptation of Jesus: Victory Over Temptation

Victory over temptation is essential before we can live and minister for God. No temptation has ever confronted man that Jesus Christ has not confronted. In His confrontation, Jesus reveals what lies behind each temptation and how to conquer it. Once it has been conquered, we can then live a victorious life and serve God effectively.

Jesus was been prepared to serve God. He was about to launch the most important work ever performed by man. His work was to determine the eternal fate of the world and of every man in the world. Jesus had to be strengthened and prepared perfectly, without flaw. Two things were involved in His preparation.

1.There was God’s plan. Jesus had to be totally committed to carry out God’s plan no matter what happen. God’s plan was the Cross, the way of sacrifice and suffering in order to help others. Jesus would always be tempted to choose the easier course of self, power,and glory. He needed to gain the victory once for all. Not that He would not be tempted again; He would. But He needed a strong moment of victory to show that He could conquer the temptation.

2.Jesus preparation involved a personal need for strength and assurance. The only way Jesus could be strengthened and gain assurance was to be tempted. He had to struggle against temptation to become tough and strong, and to be assured that He could conquer and be victorious over the trials of life.

There are four essentials necessary for preparation. Jesus had to be prepared to serve God. How much more do we.

1.Jesus was full of the Holy Spirit. Jesus had a dramatic experience with the Holy Spirit at His baptism. (Mark 1:10) Jesus was “led by the Spirit” (egeto en toi pneumatic). The Greek word “en.” It means that Jesus was not only “led by the Spirit” He was led “in the Spirit,” step by step and day by day. A Man must be in the Spirit to be led by the Spirit.

2.Jesus was led to spend time alone with God. He was led to get alone in the wilderness. Time alone with God is necessary for preparation.

3.Jesus was led to be tried and tested. Trials toughen us, make us stronger, and give us greater assurance so that we can face whatever lies ahead.

4.Jesus was led to fast and pray, two absolute essentials in one’s preparation to do a great work for God.


Temptation(perirazo): the word temptation is used here in both a good and a bad sense. In the good sense it means to test, to try, to prove. It does not mean to seduce into sin. Its purpose is not to defeat or to destroy. The idea is not that one is tempted, seduced, enticed, and pulled into sin by the Holy Spirit, but one is tested, proved, strengthened, reinforced, and purified through the trials of temptation.

In the bad sense, I means to tempt, to seduce, to entice, and to pull someone away from God into the way of sin, of self, and of Satan.(Mt. 4:1; 1Cor 7:5; 1 Th 3:4; Gal 6:1; James 1:13-14)

Jesus was led into the the wilderness by the Spirit to be tested. The Spirit did not seduc e or entice Jesus to do evil, but He led Jesus into circumstances where y He could learn obedience and discipline. Throught sucg trials Jesus was to be perfected and enabled to succor all those who suffer trials. (Heb 4:15-16;5:8)

Six things need to be said about overcoming temptation.

1.Temptation has its bottom root in passion and appetite (Mk 7:20-23; Jas 1:14) It comes directly from within, from man’s heart, not from without. And it does not come from God. God cannot be tempted with evil; neither tempt he any man” (Jas 1:3) God does not tempt any man in a bad sense. What He does is look upon His people as they endure temptation, and He strengthens them to bear the temptation. By such He teaches them discipline and obedience for a greater work ( Ro. 8:28; 2Cor. 1:3-4;Heb 5:8;1 Pt 1:6-7

2.No man confronts any temptation that is not common to all men ( 1 Cor. 10:13).

3.God does not allow the believer to be tempted beyond what he is able to bear. There is always a way to escape (1 Cor. 10:13)

4.Jesus Christ understands temptation. He was tempted in all points just as all men are tempted, yet He never sinned (Heb 2:18;4:15)

5. Jesus Christ is a sympathetic High Priest in helping the believer through temptation (Heb 2:17-18;4:15)

6. Temptation is overcome by submitting to God and resisting the devil (Jas 4:7-8; 1Pt.5:8-9) and by using and obeying Scripture to combat temptation (Lk 4:4)

Temptation by Oogpister

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