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I have been thinking a lot about fundamentalism and fundamentalists lately and IT SEEMS TO ME that the real problem with Fundamentalism--from a hermeneutical standpoint--is that it asserts a certain definite kind of authority over the scriptures, which insists that the bible must be true in this way (and not THAT way) if it is true at all. To me, who is not an expert, it seems as if fundamentalists are in danger of being like those learned men who know every jot and tittle very well, and believe that the inerrancy (and therefore truth) of scripture is to be found in the preservation and observation of those same tittles and jots.

Are there any practicing fundamentalists out there who are able to clarify for me better the way they understand the bible, and why they are fundamentalist? I know many good fundamentalists, but I have never been able to understand their position on the authority of the Bible, though I sense that they have a deep respect for the book and for the Lord. It is not my desire to attack fundamentalists but to understand them--please help me understand your position, so that we may commune with respect.

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Being A Fundamentalists

Brother David,

At one point during my youth, my Pastor, a GARBC Baptist, named David Moore, a Graduate of Baptist Bible College, Johnson City, New York, did not want our GARBC Baptist Church to attend the Evangelical Revival sponsored by another Christian Denomination's Church.

His reason; We should not be seen participating with another body of Believers, because that Church has people that go to movies and dances and hang out at the local Spider's Night Club.

His reason as a Fundamentalists, was to not be seen with the likes of people who frequented such establishments.

However, little did he know, that Church had a outreach that would go into those kind of places and would talk to the people who were addicted to this kind of lifestyle.

Growing up as a Fundamentalists Baptist, I can be sometimes so sure that I'm right, and eliminate any kind of Fellowship or Worship with other Christian Believers within my Community of Faith.

We eliminate The Spiritual Growth that will comes to us, as we Fellowship with others of like minded Faith. Sometimes our Fundamentalists Belief become a real problem because of our exclusion.

Jesus points out that we should be loving others as Christ So Loved The Church.

Are we not limiting our ability to present The Gospel to others, when we have such a great idea about G-d's Way as a Fundamentalists concerning what The Holy Word of G-d is saying to us about another Christian Church Body?