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7 days of creation spiritual rebirth

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Briefest Summary:

Stages: External representation

Spiritual State: Internal
Initial state: without form and void. Prior to rebirth: no spiritual form
First state: light and darkness. Knowing that the good and the true are something higher.
Second state: heavens and earth. Distinguishing those spiritual things from God (in the internal man), from those of oneself (in the external)
Third state: tender grass, tree bearing fruit. Acting from knowledge, not from the heart
Fourth state: sun and moon. Love and Insight begin in the internal
Fifth state: whales of the sea, birds of the heavens. Actions to confirm oneself in truth and good: deep principles & rising thoughts
Sixth state: living soul, beast, ‘image of God’. Actions from insight, and hence from love: alive at last – ‘spiritual’
Seventh state: day of rest Actions from love, and hence from insight: ‘celestial’

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