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Julian of Norwich (c. 1342-c. 1413)

English mystic and first known woman writer in English


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Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 8: Infamy-Lapparent -- from Herbermann, Charles George (1840-1916)


Works by Julian of Norwich

Comfortable Words For Christ's Lovers

Revelations of Divine Love (Author)

Description: Written in the 14th century, Revelations of Divine Love is a powerful work of English mysticism. After falling deathly ill, St. Julian received sixteen different mystical revelations; in this splendid work, she describes and reflects upon those revelations. Having received these revelations at a time of great pain for herself, as she lay ill, she focuses on the mysteries of Christianity, in particular, the vast love of God and the existence of evil. She describes the "motherhood" of God, depicting how God suffers with his creation as it experiences great and multifaceted evil. Nevertheless, she also emphasizes the need to follow God in order to receive the beautiful vision of God in the afterlife. For her deep and penetrating descriptions of God and love, countless readers have found St. Julian's work uplifting, encouraging, and challenging. Revelations of Divine Love astounds readers, engulfing them in a powerful revelation of God's love.

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CCEL Staff Writer

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