[The Temple, Detail of Model]from The Temple (1633), by George Herbert:


¶   Love-joy.

AS on a window late I cast mine eye,
I saw a vine drop grapes with J and C
Anneal’d on every bunch.  One standing by
Ask’d what it meant.  I, who am never loth
To spend my judgement, said, It seem’d to me
To be the bodie and the letters both
Of Joy and Charitie.  Sir, you have not miss’d,
The man reply’d; It figures JESUS CHRIST.

Arcane Note From John Gerard's The Herball or Generall History of Plantes, 1633, p.193f.:
There is a Lilly which Ouid, Metamorph, lib,10. calls Hyacinchus, of the boy Hyacinthus, of whose blood he feighneth that this floure sprang, when he perished as he was playing with Apollo, for whose sake, he saith, that Apollo did print certain letters and notes of his mourning. These are his words: . . .
Which lately were elegantly thus rendred in English by M. Sands,:
Behold! the bloud which late the grasse had dy'de
Was now no bloud : from thence a floure full blowne,
Far brighter than the Tyrian scarlet shone:
Which seem'd the same, or did resemble right
A Lilly, changing but the red to white.
Not so contented, (for the Youth receiu'd
That grace from Phœbus) in the leaues he weau'd
The sad impression of his sighs, Ai, Ai,
They now in funerall characters display, &c.

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