[The Golden Gate to the Temple]LenTree For George Herbert

For Monday after Easter


Lord, who created man in wealth and store,

  Though foolishly he lost the same,

    Decaying more and more,

      Till he became

        Most poor:

        With thee

      Oh let me rise

    As larks, harmoniously,

  And sing this day your victories:

Then shall the fall further the flight in me.


My  tender  age  in  sorrow  did   begin:

  And still with sicknesses and shame

    You did so punish sin,

      That I became

        Most thin.

        With thee

      Let me combine

    And feel this day your victory:

  For,  if  I  imp  my  wing  on  thine

Affliction shall advance the flight in me.

1633 Edition

Music: Hymn tune "Penpark," "Jesus, I Live For Thee."


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