LenTree For George Herbert

Day 40: Sixth, Palm Sunday


I gave to Hope a watch of mine: but he

               An anchor gave to me.

Then an old prayer-book I did present:

               And he an optic sent.

With that I have a vial full of tears:

               But he a few green ears.

"Ah Loiterer! I'll no more, no more I'll bring:

               I did expect a ring."

1633 Edition

Semi-irrelevant note: John Donne sent a ring to several of his friends, George Herbert being one. The ring depicted Christ crucified on an anchor with the inscription "The cross is my anchor."

The Elixir

     Teach me, my God and King,

     In all things you to see,

And what I do in any thing,

     To do it as for thee:

     Not rudely, as a beast,

     To run into an action;

But still to make you prepossess'd,

     And give it his perfection.

     A man that looks on glass,

     On it may stay his eye;

Or if he pleases, through it pass,

     And then the heaven espy.

     All may of you partake:

     Nothing can be so mean,

Which with his tincture (for your sake)

     Will not grow bright and clean.

     A servant with this clause

     Makes drudgery divine:

Who sweeps a room, as for your laws,

     Makes that and th’ action fine.

     This is the famous stone

     That changes all to gold:

For that which God does touch and own

     Cannot for less be told.

1633 Edition

Music: Hymn Tune "Emmaus," words to "The Elixir."   For this and 2 other hymns based on George Herbert's poems.


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