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Day 38: Friday

The 23d Psalm

The God of love my shepherd is,

     And He that does me feed:

While He is mine, and I am His,

     What can I want or need?


He leads me to the tender grass,

     Where I both feed and rest;

Then to the streams that gently pass:

     In both I have the best.

Or if I stray, He does convert

     And bring my mind in frame:

And all this not for my dessert,

     But for His holy name.


Yea, in death's shady black abode

     Well may I walk, not fear:

For You are with me; and Your rod

     To guide, Your staff to bear.


Nay, you do make me sit and dine,

     Ev’n in my enemies' sight:

My head with oil, my cup with wine

     Runs over day and night.


Surely Your sweet and wondrous love

     Shall measure all my days;

And as it never shall remove,

     So neither shall my praise.

1633 Edition

Note: Background music is "Crimond." Usually the words are from the Scottish Psalter. The words sometimes used in the hymn are John Wesley's adaptation of George Herbert's "The 23d Psalme."

A composition "University," possibly written by John Randall (1715-99), uses Herbert's translation of Psalm 23.


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