LenTree For George Herbert

Day 28: Tuesday

Prayer (II)

          Of what an easy quick access,

My blessed Lord, you are! how suddenly

          May our requests your ear invade!

To show that state dislikes not easiness,

If I but lift mine eyes, my suit is made:

You can no more not hear, than you can die.


          Of what supreme almighty power

Is your great arm, which spans the east and west,

          And tacks the center to the sphere!

By it do all things live their measured hour:

We cannot ask the thing, which is not there,

Blaming the shallowness of our request.


          Of what unmeasureable love

Are you possessed, who, when you could not die,

          Were glad to take our flesh and curse,

And for our sakes in person sin reprove,

That by destroying that which tied your purse,

You might make way for liberality!


          Since then these three wait on your throne,

Ease, Power, and Love; I value prayer so,

          That were I to leave all but one,

Wealth, fame, endowments, virtues, all should go;

I and dear prayer would together dwell,

And quickly gain, for each inch lost, an ell.1

1633 Edition

1An old measurement equal to 45 inches. [Return]

A Java interpretation of "Prayer" at Java for Jesus site by Leo Wong ["Prayer 2-12" require latest version of Java Virtual Machine.]

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